Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan in China

This year, I’m celebrating Ramadhan in China. Such a huge different from previous Ramadhan that I ever had in Malaysia. The hot temperature, the food different, the time zone…it just something too new for me.

The first 2 days was a challenged. I can’t stand the heat that I almost wanted to break my fast. But after that, I began to adapt to the surrounding. It becomes easy and easy everyday. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah to all the strength and will that He gave me.

Work is the same weather its Ramadhan or not. After all, this is not a Muslim country. In fact, most of them don’t really believe in religion anymore. Thanks to the so-called “The Creator of New China” President Mao Zedong.

I have one assignment from my boss. He asked me to have a supplier visit in Suzhou (“Sucho” that’s how you pronounce it). From what I heard and learned, Suzhou is among a beautiful place to visit. Having that in my mind, I'm just so eager to get my camera into action. I’m expecting something different. Probably something that have Chinese soul in it. Jinhua is nothing but a ‘rock jungle’ for me. I need something else.

The journey took me like 7 hours to arrive at supplier’s place. There is no visit during the first day, we just straightaway checked in to our hotel. Only then I learned that we are actually far for Suzhou. We are actually at Kunshan, a very secluded small town but lots of buildings. No nice view, no lake, no Chinese soul…just plain and heartless buildings.

5.20 am from my hotel's room. I think, the skycrapper further at the horizon is Shanghai.

The second day was hectic. Being surrounded by people who never know about Islam, it just another challenging day for me to stand with what I believe most. But Allah is merciful. He knows what He is doing to His humble servant and I don’t have to worry.

The meeting took the whole day till night. I have to stay another night at Kunshan. For me or for anybody in Malaysia will say that 7 hours is a long journey but to the local Chinese, it’s just nearby.

This picture taken from the factory window. Just to show how close the factory and houses area.

This is the meeting room. I don't think I will ever forget about this meeting in my entire life.

I have to onboard this fast train twice and this things can go more than 200km/h. How in the world I'm going to believe than Kunshan is near to Jinhua when I have to travel in this train for 7 hours?

2 Response to Ramadhan in China

August 26, 2010 at 9:29 AM

Salam Onn..
Hows things over there..? hope you’re fine with the new environment. It’s good to know you’re okay with a new routine life.. This is my first time entering your blog and leave a comment here.. I would like to say it’s quite interesting to read your all your entry here.. and most fascinated me with all those pics taken by you especially ‘hero-hero tiga orang tu’.. (3 orang adik-beradik KRU as Kak Mona always said hahaha.. ) I bet you must be rindu gila dengan 3 hero’s tu.. with all their gelagats, keletah and perangai, but on the other hand kesian jugak with Uda juggling life without you around. I believe there’s a hikmah (a good ones) disebalik apa yang ditentukan olehNya… Insyallah. We all doakan yang terbaik for your family! Amin.

since I’ve lost all my contact lists on my Iphone, I need your China’s number as well as local no. can?.. or you can just hit me with miss call or text me.. (you don’t wanna know how my lists gone!.. but it got something to do with boy!!)

Ramadhan this year is great for me as always but this year is more ‘bermakna’ .. Alhamdulillah I gotta chance to jemaah tarawikh everynight with Qariah surau not to forget Qasyief & Naquish, recite Al-Quran mostly everyday (things that I left for quite sometimes) ..
Oh ya!! and we gonna have ‘orang baru’ in this March.. (Kak Mona dah 3 bulan) Alhamdulillah syukur sangat-sangat.. what more can I say?.. Hope this time is gonna be a baby girl.. pray for me Onn!!! Kalau keluaq hero pun I terima hahaha…

I got myself a new toy!!.. Its D5000 with 18-55mm lens, 3 section tripod with Nikon bag/ soft case.
So eager try explore it!.. sekarang ni terkial-kial tengah baca quick start guide.. huahuahuahua!!! bengong! Cepat balik Malaysia ajar Abg E!! Question no.1: dah attach lens to body.. so, mcm mana nak detach lens plak?.. Quick Start Guide tak bgtau.. pheww! there’s a millions question waiting u here.. no worries we can go in alphabet if you don’t mind.. hoooohooo!

Oklah Onn..
last but not least.. come back home quick!! Salam to Uda and kids!

August 30, 2010 at 12:52 AM


Abang E...this is the longest comment ever in my blog and I also believe no one will ever write this long in my blog in the coming future. So I guess, I sholud put you in some kind of Wall of Fame or something...I'll work it out, no worries..hhehehe..

Glad to hear all the good news from you. The coming soon baby, the new camera and the new perception in life. It surely means something. Semoga Abang E dipilih oleh Nya untuk jadi tetamu Dia kat Masjid lagi dan lagi dan lagi..Insya Allah

Dah 3 bulan pregnant tuh, ada mabuk2 lagi ka..?? harap Kak Mona steady la sebab Abah cakap..Kak Zura mabuk teruk...Hmm, pakat2 bersalin habis tahun depan..nanti darjah satu pakat2 duduk sekelas kat sekolah Halim...hahahah..

Awat yg Abang E nak tanggal lens plak..?? Abang E beli banyak lens ka..? mak ai, betul2 nak jadi photographer nie..takleh carik makan la lepas nie..heheh..no worries Abang E, snap ja dulu mana yg patut sebab filem free..hehehe ..untuk gambar raya tahun nie, pakai ja mode auto dulu kalau tak confident...

ok la, thanx for dropping by to my blog. i wrote this blog mainly because of the kids. a fraction of our family's history. Adios, thanx for the comment and kirim salam kat family.

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