Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Tie (if this is the right spelling)

I like to consider myself a lucky man. The very first week I’m here, I got a chance to join a trip to An Tie. A place where you can have activities such as swimming and boat rafting. It just came at the right time. I need to make myself busy because I kept thinking of my family back in Malaysia. This trip is just the thing that I need.

The trip was organized by the local who work in Youngman Plant, the same office with Lotus. I can’t speak a single Chinese word so I just follow whatever the plan is. Nice place and beautiful scenery. Scene that I never seen before only found in magazine. Here, I got to see it with my own eye.

Sementara menunggu air naik sebelum pintu empangan dibuka
Budak local yang sama2 arrange trip nie. Sorang pun aku tak ingat nama tapi yg pakai sunglasses tu housemate aku.

Kat parking area berlatar belakang kan gunung. Kalau subuh mesti cantik tak ingat nie
Selepas empangan dibuka, boat akan turun laju ikut jeram. Gambar nie amik kat kawasan bawah sekali
Kat bawah sikit, ada jgk yg datang basuh kereta. Kereta lawa2 plak tuh
We were there from morning until 5.00pm or 6.00pm…Obviously you can’t find any sign of Surau or place that similar. So, I perform my Zohor and Asar at any suitable place that I can find. I felt so small at that time. Perhaps, all the people there were wondering what am I doing with the act of standing, rukuk and sujud. Probably they never saw it before in their life. When I finished with my solat… They asked me in Chinese which I can’t understand a single word. All I can say “…tim pu tong, wo mahasia, chi lumpur” (saya tak paham, saya Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)..hehehhehehhe…they just nodded their head showing a sign that they understand my circumstances. Or perhaps they must be thinking that all my pronunciations are incorrect and have another meaning. I don’t know, seriously I don’t.

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