Monday, August 2, 2010

Journey to the West

From Shanghai, I have to take a train to Jinhua. The journey took me another 3 hours before I can check in to my hotel. The train only stopped at 3 stations if I’m not mistake. I forgot already, I was too tired that day. Sometimes, the train hit 210km/h. most of the time, it just travel at 160km/h. The coach design are more like a flight cabin but the seat can’t be reclined.

After 2 hours from Shanghai, I still can see apartments and high buildings along the journey. There is not single scenery where I can find an empty land throughout the 2 hours. Remember, this train move with average speed of 160km/h. It just amazing how this country develop so much in just a short period of time.

The map below shows Shanghai and Jinhua in circle. When I checked the distance between Shanghai and Jinhua with Google Map, it shows somewhere around 350km distance.

This is an enlarge map of China. The circle shows the area that I travelled

Amazing isn't it...?? This country is just too big for me...hahahaha. I had a conversation with one of the workers that work at the same place with me in Jinhua. He said, his hometown is in Harbin. He only will travel back home only once in a year. He will take train from Jinhua and 48 hours after that, he will reach his hometown. Harbin is somewhere north of China, close to Mongolia.

China surely has a lot of suprise for me...

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