Monday, August 9, 2010

Manners and Policy

In China, they are several things that different from Malaysia. In here, they don’t care much about road safety. They just drive and they will honk if something got in their way.

The traffic light at junction is just merely a standing lamp with colours. Nobody care to stop when its red. The first time I got into a taxi, my leg can never stop from pushing the floor as it’s like I’m the one who’s driving. But what amazed me was, even if they disobey all kind of road regulation, I hardly seen any accident. And even if accident did happened, the traffic will not jam instantly. Everybody will just get on with the life, as simple as that.

The other things about China, they blocked certain website such as Facebook, Blogspot and Youtube. I’m not sure why, I have to find out about it very soon. So, the very first week I’m here is not a lovely experience at all. Although the internet connection is so fast compare to Malaysia, but imposing restriction to certain website is just not an ideal thing to do.

Then my housemate introduces me to the real cyber world. I call it real cyber world because I don’t have the knowledge about it before. He showed me about VPN (Virtual Private Network)…err not quite sure what it is but thing is, I have to subscribe and pay a small amount of dollar to “cheat” the China server so that I can avoid any sort of restriction. So, now I’m glad that I can update my blog. At least, this is one of many other ways to communicate with my wife in Malaysia. I know, she's always read my blog.

Internet is just so great here. Almost everywhere you can get Internet access. Using WiFi or Plug In, it just so convenience. The connection is fast that you just streaming to watch movie. Whenever I feel like I want to watch news, I just go to and stream the news from there. When I want to watch English Premier League Live, I just use SOPCast and I can watch it live like using Astro.

Now with video call available, it just so easy to watch my kids jumping around in the house. Some other time, I can just call my wife handset using my Laptop without any lagging in conversation.

It just great to have this kind of technology nowadays. It just makes the world small and reachable at anytime.

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