Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spinning around

The first intention that put me at the sidewalk was to get some street picture for myself. Maybe because I’m not that pro yet so I can’t really find the perfect picture that I want. Probably it’s there somewhere but I just failed to recognize the spot.

Anyway, I suddenly found a wet market which similar to Malaysia…. selling fish, meat, vegetable and other stuff. I also can’t get the right angle that please me but the market is just too interesting to ignore. It just so huge that almost every major item has its own building. Fish area in one building, all kind of meat at the next building, vegetable in another building and so on. Here’s the picture

Although most of the time, cleanliness is questionable but some place can be consider as clean.
This is where you can find exotic food. Frog, snake, turtle you just name it

Ramadhan is just around the corner so I think, I just have to make my own Pasar Ramadhan here in Jinhua for myself. Although, I can always have my dinner at restaurant but obviously there is no way a restaurant will open until 4 o'clock in the morning. I need to get something in case if I have to cook. Heheehee..

Anyway, when I went into the nearby supermarket, I found these...
Well of cause, the one at the right bear more weight because you got the name of Islamic Association on it. The left one probably just a 'halal' stamp to promote more sales. It is a fake 'halal' logo.

Food in China is something that I'm not comfortable to consume. They event can cheat on milk and harm millions of babies around the world. Previously, there was a case when they actually imitate chicken egg. It looks just like chicken egg but it's not. I just can't believe the Chinese can do such things. That's what happened when people look at money as their God.

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